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Heart Health
Learn about heart and vascular problems, heart disease, cardiac procedures, and recovery.
This educational resource, developed in partnership with American Heart Association / American Stroke Association and The Wellness Network, is aimed at empowering heart and stroke patients to live healthier, longer lives.
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Integrative Medicine
Meditation, Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Use the relaxation videos in this library that use spoken word, meditation, visualization techniques, guided imagery, and beautiful nature videography to support relaxation, stress reduction and non-pharmacologic pain management.
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Usage, Benefits and Side Effects
Learn about medications, including proper usage, expected benefits and potential side effects.
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Mental & Emotional Health
Anxiety, Addiction, Stress & Depression
Learn about managing emotional health, illness, insomnia, coping with addiction, stress, depression, and anxiety.
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Quality of Care
Patient Safety & Infection Prevention
Learn about your rights as a patient, your role in following hospital safety guidelines, helping prevent infections and falls, and following discharge instructions.